By travis
June 22, 2023

Competition vs StrikeLines

By travis
July 18, 2022

StrikeLines HardbottomHD

The “Holy Grail” For Offshore Fishermen New for 2022! StrikeLines is proud to announce HardbottomHD fishing charts. We use commercial side scan sonar to search the Gulf and locate thousands of hardbottom fishing areas. Our sonar systems show us the exact boundaries reefs and other structure known to hold tons of quality fish. We painstakingly...

By travisgriggs
December 6, 2021

How we make StrikeLines fishing spots charts.

Since 2014, StrikeLines has been searching for fish in the Gulf of Mexico using professional side scan sonar systems.  To date, we’ve found over 9,000 artificial reefs for charter customers and for our private reefs page. We have also located miles and miles of killer hardbottom fish habitat. Ledges, sinkholes, coral patches, swiss cheese bottom, rock...

By travis
November 23, 2021

Black Friday Sale 2021 info

Black Friday 2021 Sale Info Black Friday Specials are available Nov. 24 – Dec. 4 To get sale pricing, add the items to your cart, then enter one of the following coupon codes at checkout. Coupons can be used multiple times, but two coupon codes can’t be combined in a single order. 2021 Black Friday...

By Quinn Kelley
July 13, 2020

Wrecks Charts VS. Waypoints Charts

Wrecks Charts VS Waypoints Charts Our waypoints charts, like the St Pete Offshore chart, are all made from high resolution side-scan sonar data. We manually review the sonar data, hundreds of square miles, and only mark spots that we would want to fish ourselves.  We mark features like ledges, rugged hard bottom, sink holes, wrecks,...

By Quinn Kelley
July 8, 2020

Waterproof Cable Splice in the Field

Waterproof Cable Splice in the Field I wanted to share our method for doing quick waterproof cable splices in the field. We’ve had to field terminate a dozen side-scan sonar cables over the years, and we’ve worked out a process that’s straightforward enough to do offshore with minimal tools, if needed. Here’s what you need:...

By Quinn Kelley
April 21, 2020

A Diver’s Take on the Ongoing Lionfish Issue

A Diver’s Take on the Ongoing Lionfish Issue Pensacola diver Shea Lowe sat down with us recently to discuss his personal experiences with Lionfish. He described the predators as “wreaking havoc” on ecosystems. He feels that Lionfish’s removal falls solely on divers and education about their infestation is centered on word of mouth. Many divers...

By paymon
November 27, 2019

Black Friday Sale – Nov 29 to Dec 2 ONLY

Buy one, get one free, for every item. Includes StrikeLines 3D Charts, new 4K Aerial Charts, Waypoint Charts, Private Reefs, and even GPS Tablets! Mix and match!

By paymon
November 5, 2019

Florida Middle Grounds, Tampa Bay 3D, St Pete Offshore Fishing Map Demo Video

Florida Middle Grounds Fishing Map and Other StrikeLines Charts Video Demo When things finally slowed down on the last day of the Tampa Boat Show, we shot some video of using some of our charts on a big Android display. This way everyone will get the opportunity to experience the visual walkthroughs that our visitors...

By Tristan
May 11, 2018

Fishing the Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline

Gulfstream Pipeline – No Imagery Stretching 435 miles from Tampa to Mobile at a cost $1.468 billion the Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline, its rocky trenches and never before published mitigation sites have some of the best fishing in the Gulf. “This is my go-to dive site if I am wanting to not only maximize the number of dives I can...