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StrikeLines HardbottomHD

By travis
July 18, 2022

The “Holy Grail” For Offshore Fishermen

How we make HardbottomHD charts.

New for 2022! StrikeLines is proud to announce HardbottomHD fishing charts. We use commercial side scan sonar to search the Gulf and locate thousands of hardbottom fishing areas. Our sonar systems show us the exact boundaries reefs and other structure known to hold tons of quality fish. We painstakingly map the boundaries of fish habitat and load them directly on your marine GPS.

StrikeLines new HardbottomHD charts are the most comprehensive maps of fish habitat ever created in the Gulf of Mexico.

More than a dozen categories of natural and artificial reefs are labeled and color coded by category. You’ll never have to wonder again if you’re on the right spot. Just drive your boat into one of our marked hardbottom areas, and drop a line.

Coverage is extensive. These charts contain more than130,000 marked hardbottom areas and artificial reefs from the Florida Panhandle to the Florida Keys. Most of these spots have never been published anywhere before. HardbottomHD charts chips are divided into four regions.

Currently, HardbottomHD charts are compatible with Simrad, Lowrance and Raymarine hardware.

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