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Florida Middle Grounds, Tampa Bay 3D, St Pete Offshore Fishing Map Demo Video

By paymon
November 5, 2019

Florida Middle Grounds Fishing Map and Other StrikeLines Charts Video Demo

When things finally slowed down on the last day of the Tampa Boat Show, we shot some video of using some of our charts on a big Android display. This way everyone will get the opportunity to experience the visual walkthroughs that our visitors were able to experience. The maps you’ll see demonstrated below are being displayed on large Android monitors, but it’s exactly the same look you’ll get on your own Android tablet or iPad. Our charts run on the OsmAnd app, which is a free downloadable app available on any of your Android and iOS devices. The three demo walkthrough videos include both versions of our fishing charts; our high-resolution 3D charts and our GPS waypoints charts. We featured three popular charts from the Tampa Bay/St. Pete region. First up, will be the 3D Florida Middle Grounds fishing map. In video demo two, we navigate the 3D Tampa Bay fishing map, which includes some great feedback we’ve received from experienced anglers in the area and how they’ve been using it. And last but not least, we present the St Pete Offshore GPS fishing waypoints chart. Enjoy the videos, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Florida Middle Grounds 3D Fishing Map Demo

The Florida Middle Grounds fishing chart is one of our personal favorites. Tristan walks through the various structures of the Middle Grounds, where you’ll also see a zoomed in look at “The Elbow”, which is included with this fishing chart. There’s a great look at the north/south running ledge line and hard bottom detail of the seafloor. You’ll also see how simple it is to mark fishing spots and grab the coordinates for your GPS, using the app’s long press feature. 

Tampa Bay 3D Fishing Map Demo

Tristan navigates to the Tampa Bay 3D fishing chart and zooms in for a close look at the Sunshine Skyway. You get a great look at the channel’s dredge spoils, along with some of the artificial reefs in the area. Get the zoomed in view of the pipeline and follow along as it traces past the Sunshine Skyway. Get the inside scoop on the areas anglers reported to us where they’ve been successfully trolling for gag grouper. See the spot where one angler showed us where and how he uses the chart to stock up on bait. Great insight on this video for the Tampa Bay 3D chart.

St Pete Offshore Waypoints Chart Demo

Take a close look at the St Pete Offshore waypoints fishing chart and its 1,048 GPS fishing coordinates. As you zoom in, you’ll notice the cluster of points expand into individually identified fishing spots that we’ve discovered with high resolution side scan sonar data. Every marked spot is the result of us going through the data by hand and marking only the spots we’d want to fish ourselves.

FAQ – How Do StrikeLines Charts Work?

Bonus clip. We get asked this question a lot from anglers and divers that are just finding out about us. In this short video clip, Tristan provides the answers to the frequently asked questions, what are StrikeLines charts and how do they work. See examples of the two different kind of fishing charts we carry and how each chart gets used. In the 3D chart example, find out what all the various shadings mean in relation to depth. On the GPS waypoints chart, see how the easy it is to see each marked fishing location, get the detailed description and the exact GPS coordinates.

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