Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a chart for my area?

Charts FAQ:


How accurate is the data?
How much detail does the data show?
Why are there sometimes gaps between areas?
What happens when you update a current chart?
Can I use a StrikeLines chart for navigation?
Does the card need to be in the unit to work?
Can I take the chart from boat to boat?
Where can I download basemaps for iOS devices?

3D Charts:

What do the colors on the 3D charts represent?
How do I determine the depth on a particular spot on the chart?
Why do some parts of the chart seem to be low resolution?
Why are there all these lines on my 3D Chart?
I’ve seen 3D charts from another company that look like yours. How are yours different?

4K Aerial Imagery:

What is a 4K chart and why is it useful?
Can I use this chart on my mobile device?
When was the 4K imagery taken and is it ever updated?

Waypoint Charts:

Will my StrikeLines Waypoint Chart card delete/replace all of the user routes and data stored on my unit?
Bought a waypoints chart and confused by what we named some of them? Check out this abbreviations legend.

Compatibility FAQ:

Which chartplotters are compatible with StrikeLines charts?
Will your charts run on my Garmin?
Will your charts run on my Humminbird?
Will your charts run on my Furuno?
My chartplotter isn’t compatible with your 3D charts, what are my options?
Can I use your charts on my mobile device?
How much free space do I need?
How does it work with an iPad/Android phone or tablet?q
If I buy it for my iPad can I transfer it to my iPhone too?

Ordering FAQ:

When will I receive my order?
When I place my order, what exactly am I receiving?

How To/Troubleshooting FAQ:

I can’t get the 3D (or 4K) chart to load on my Simrad/Lowrance/B&G/VesselView.
Why does my Simrad or Lowrance 3D (or 4K) chart have black around the edges?
On my chartplotter I can see the waypoints but the background is blank or orange.
Do I need to put the microSD card into the adapter?
How do I install the chart I bought for my mobile device/ tablet?
Why can I only see one chart at a time on my phone/tablet?
Does my phone or tablet have a built in GPS?
I downloaded a public reefs chart and can’t get it to load on my chartplotter.

Private Spots FAQ:

Do you offer any discount if I buy multiple spots?
Can you recommend a good spot for me to find fish?
No, you don’t understand. I’m taking my client and father-in-law out and we have to catch fish.
Which spots should I pick? I want only coops and pyramids, no car bodies, wrecks, or pipes.
What do the sizes of the private reefs correlate to?
I want a spot in a specific location and a certain distance from the pass. Do you have one?
Will you really replace the spot if I can’t find it or if it doesn’t produce?
If I buy a spot, are you going to sell it again? What about next year?
How do you find the spots?

Custom Scans FAQ:

What is a custom scan?
If I buy a custom survey, could someone else hire you to survey the same area?
Will I get all the spots you find in my survey? Will you sell them to anyone else?
I fish a lot and would like to invest in a bunch of spots. What’s the most cost-effective way to do so?