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Charter Sonar Scans

Need a pile of private reefs? Charter a StrikeLines sonar scan of your favorite fishing grounds. 

Rate: $150-200 per square mile. 

Minimum size: 25 sq.mi. ($3,750-$5,000 total cost) 

Typical Reefs Found: 25-40 private reefs in a 25 sq.mi. scan. 

Time to complete: 1-3 weeks after deposit. 

What you get: After the scan, we process the sonar data, mark up all the potential reefs, and give you the following: 

  1. Map of raw sonar data in Google Earth KMZ format. 
  2. A MicroSD card containing all of your reef coordinates. Ready to upload to your GPS chartplotter or Google Earth. 
  3. A spreadsheet of all the reef names and coordinates. 
  • All charter sonar data is strictly confidential.

  • We will not sell your coordinates on our website. 
  • We do not scan the same areas multiple times.
  • Discounted rates are available for large scan areas. 
  • To book a scan, please email the coordinates of your area of interest to 

Special Projects

Use our resources and expertise to complete a wide variety of challenging marine projects. Some successful past projects: 

  • Sonar and ROV services for USAF search and recovery mission south of Hurlburt Field. 
  • Location, floating and recovery of 8-foot stainless steel tugboat propeller lost near Pensacola Pass.
  • Charter sonar boat and captain provided to Finnish Navy for testing sonar systems in Pensacola Bay.
  • Over 6,000 sq. mi. of charter sonar scans, locating 9,000+ private artificial reefs from Gulfport to Panama City Beach. 
  • Shallow water side-scan sonar imaging of oyster bars for marine researchers. 
  • Tournament scouting: ROV monitoring of fish populations on hundreds of offshore artificial reefs. 

Our Resources:

  • 35′ Custom offshore work boat. 400 hp. 5-day endurance. 
  • 22′ Glacier Bay center console catamaran. 
  • 17′ Aluminum G3 shallow water boat.
  • High resolution (400/800khz) side scan towfish. (several models)
  • Long range (100khz) side scan towfish. (multiple models)
  • BlueROV2 inspection-class underwater ROVs. Real-time HD video feed and 360-degree scanning sonar. 
  • USCG Licensed Captains.
  • Commercial divers. 
  • Heavy lift bags and rigging.
  • Aerial camera drones. 
  • Metal and fiberglass fabrication. 
  • GIS mapping, data analysis, and coordinate conversions. 
  • Electronics troubleshooting and repair. 
  • Office and warehouse at Pelican’s Perch marina. Wet slips, boat yard, travel lift, and full marina services available.
  • GSA Approved.