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Charter Sonar Scans

Need a pile of private reefs? Charter a StrikeLines sonar scan of your favorite fishing grounds. 

Rate: $150-200 per square mile. 

Minimum size: 25 sq.mi. ($3,750-$5,000 total cost) 

Typical Reefs Found: 25-40 private reefs in a 25 sq.mi. scan. 

Time to complete: 1-3 weeks after deposit. 

What you get: After the scan, we process the sonar data, mark up all the potential reefs, and give you the following: 

  1. Map of raw sonar data in Google Earth KMZ format. 
  2. A MicroSD card containing all of your reef coordinates. Ready to upload to your GPS chartplotter or Google Earth. 
  3. A spreadsheet of all the reef names and coordinates. 


  • All charter sonar data is strictly confidential.

  • We will not sell your coordinates on our website. 
  • We do not scan the same areas multiple times.
  • Discounted rates are available for large scan areas. 
  • To book a scan, please email the coordinates of your area of interest to

Charter Survey Sample Downloads

Annotated images

Right click–>Save as

Edge Survey near Pensacola. 400Khz (2MB)

Offshore Hardbottom near Tampa. 400Khz (47MB)

Interactive Maps

Viewable with Google Earth on PC or Mac. Right click –> Save as…

Bayou Chico wreck and crab traps 400 Khz. (72MB)

Pensacola Bay Bridge Rubble. 100 Khz (25MB)

Charter Survey Offshore Pensacola Sample. 100 Khz (18MB)

Charter Survey Offshore Tampa Sample. 400 Khz (136MB)

Special Projects

Use our resources and expertise to complete a wide variety of challenging marine projects. Some successful past projects: 

  • Sonar and ROV services for USAF search and recovery mission south of Hurlburt Field. 
  • Location, floating and recovery of 8-foot stainless steel tugboat propeller lost near Pensacola Pass.
  • Charter sonar boat and captain provided to Finnish Navy for testing sonar systems in Pensacola Bay.
  • Over 6,000 sq. mi. of charter sonar scans, locating 9,000+ private artificial reefs from Gulfport to Panama City Beach. 
  • Shallow water side-scan sonar imaging of oyster bars for marine researchers. 
  • Tournament scouting: ROV monitoring of fish populations on hundreds of offshore artificial reefs. 

Our Resources:

  • 35′ Custom offshore work boat. 400 hp. 5-day endurance. 
  • 22′ Glacier Bay center console catamaran. 
  • 17′ Aluminum G3 shallow water boat.
  • High resolution (400/800khz) side scan towfish. (several models)
  • Long range (100khz) side scan towfish. (multiple models)
  • BlueROV2 inspection-class underwater ROVs. Real-time HD video feed and 360-degree scanning sonar. 
  • USCG Licensed Captains.
  • Commercial divers. 
  • Heavy lift bags and rigging.
  • Aerial camera drones. 
  • Metal and fiberglass fabrication. 
  • GIS mapping, data analysis, and coordinate conversions. 
  • Electronics troubleshooting and repair. 
  • Office and warehouse at Pelican’s Perch marina. Wet slips, boat yard, travel lift, and full marina services available.
  • GSA Approved.