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Need lots of spots? StrikeLines operates three sonar boats on the Gulf Coast. Our boats are equipped with commercial sonar systems that are capable of scanning from 15-500 feet deep.

We are flexible, fast and versatile. Whether you’re looking for massive grouper 50 miles offshore, or stud largemouth in a flooded farmhouse, we’ve got you covered.

  • We can scan up to 25 square miles per day offshore.
  • Data collected during charter trips is strictly confidential. No one will see it but you.
  • You can view side scan data with Google Maps.
  • We provide printed coordinate sheets showing the locations of the best fishing spots.

Scans can be performed with as little as 7 days of lead time in the following states: TN, GA, MS, AL, FL, LA.

For pricing, call or email and tell us about your project:
850-710-0242 or