Will your charts run on my Furuno?

Waypoint Charts: The Simrad/Lowrance versions of our waypoint charts will work on Furuno, but be cautious. Before import you MUST backup all your data and you MUST update to the latest software. Some Furuno machines behave unpredictably during import.

3D Charts: We spent several months talking with Furuno about getting our 3D charts on their hardware. Furuno eventually reached the conclusion that it would be a year or so before they could run our 3D charts. Please email the following contacts to let them know you’d like to run StrikeLines’ charts on your Furuno:



Dean Kurutz, VP of Sales, Marketing & Product Planning for Furuno, at DKurutz@Furuno.com

Matt Wood, National Sales Manager for Furuno, at MWood@Furuno.com

Masahi Ohhora, Business Development Manager for Furuno, at MOhhora@Furuno.com

Fred Endres, Light Marine Product/Manager for Furuno, FEndres@Furuno.com

Dean Silver, Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, at DSilver@Furuno.com

Braden Shoemaker, Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, at BShoemaker@Furuno.com

Drew Linzey, regional sales manager for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, at DLinzey@Furuno.com

Fugawi Charts, fugawi-charts@johnsonoutdoors.com

Fugawi Charts, charts@fugawi.com