Gulfstream Pipeline – No Imagery


Gulfstream Pipeline fishing chart with waypoints.

The Pipeline chart without sonar imagery. A total of 1,695 waypoints including mitigation sites and valve boxes!

“This is my go-to dive site if I am wanting to not only maximize the number of dives I can do in a day with the least amount of fuel burned, but also access just about every offshore reef fish species that the Gulf has to offer.” Alex Fogg, Marine Resource Coordinator and Lionfish slayer extraordinaire.

You asked and we scanned, from seven miles out of Tampa to south of Pensacola. And we’re not just releasing a chart of the Gulfstream Natural Gas Pipeline. We have also included coordinates for the valve boxes we could find and the boulder field and artificial reef mitigation sites.

This chart includes several waypoints in the Madison Swanson protected area. Please follow all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Depths on this preview chart may be displayed in fathoms (6 feet), meters, or feet depending on your zoom level.