Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Platforms & Pipelines (FREE)


Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Platforms & Pipelines Fishing Map (FREE)

The first StrikeLines Custom Chart, available for free!

We made this fishing map of the Gulf of Mexico offshore oil rig platforms and pipelines using Bureau of Ocean Energy Management data. It took quite a bit of effort! We had to build a relational database three tables deep just to connect a rig name to its location! Now there’s an easy to use downloadable fishing map for the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs.

BoEM, please be more like Florida and Alabama. Think of the fishermen.

Data is incomplete in this set, but where available, we included: Name, manned status, major platform status and number of beds.

When fishing pipelines, be aware that the pipe might be buried for much of its length. But the pipe occasionally rises above the sand to connect to the next section at large junction boxes. These junctions are located at regular lengths along the pipelines.



3D mobile, PC, and ALL waypoint charts are provided as a digital download unless you select “ship me a card.” You will be provided a link to download the chart files after checkout and in your order confirmation email (check your spam folder).  Download the file, double click it, and read the instructions inside.  Make sure to create an account at checkout so you can log back in and access your StrikeLines files at any time.

3D charts for Simrad, Lowrance, B&G, and VesselView are mailed to you on a SD/MicroSD card due to our license agreement with Navico. Please enter a USPS approved shipping address at checkout.

Got a Garmin?  Our waypoint based charts, like the Offshore St Pete chart, work well on Garmin. You’ll get all the waypoints just not the red lines. We also provide you the Google Earth version so you can view the lines on your phone, tablet, or computer.

3D for Garmin? Your best option is to use the mobile version on your phone or tablet. Your position is overlayed on the chart even offshore without cell service, you can create waypoints, navigate, and pull coordinates from the chart to input in your Garmin.  If you buy the tablet from us we’ll even pre-load your charts!

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