3D Louisiana Offshore / Flower Garden Banks


Louisiana Offshore fishing map 3D with high resolution images of the seafloor.

**Preview map is LOW RESOLUTION. See gallery below for HD sample images**

  • Description: Louisiana Offshore fishing map features high definition 3D images of the seafloor.
  • Location:Louisiana Offshore fishing chart coverage includes more than two dozen famous coral reef banks in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Most of the reefs are in 65-150 feet of water. This fishing chart’s depth shader is designed to really make the reefs pop out in red, yellow and green.
  • Fishing Map Size:15,000 square miles of potential fishing spots.
  • Depths: 50 ft to 3,000 ft
  • Works on: Lowrance, Simrad, Raymarine, B&G, VesselView, iPhone, iPad, and Android tablet. Got a Garmin? Click here. (See: StrikeLines GPS Unit Compatibility Chart)
  • Resolution: Varies on this chart. Many of the well known reef banks are displayed in beautiful high resolution. The deepwater salt domes and basins, just south of the bank area also extremely HD — use brand new oil-industry data from 2017. The shallow-water areas and some of the lesser known reef banks are displayed in lower, but usable, resolution.
  • Notes: With StrikeLines’ HD view of the ocean floor you’ll see exactly where those potential fishing spots are on the map. See where all the rocks, reefs, ledges, and other structures are in realtime on your GPS unit, mobile device, or computer. It’s a long run to this part of the Gulf, don’t go unprepared!