Florida Public Reefs Spots


Florida Public Reefs Fishing Spots (FREE to download)

Updated 4/14/2020 – now includes a reef description, material type, depth, and relief.

Your reefs. Your numbers.

We make our living selling fishing charts, but we believe that Florida’s public reef coordinates should be available free to the public.

You paid for these reef spots. Your fishing license should come with a free “numbers chip” glued to the back!

Until that happens, StrikeLines has you covered.

We converted the FWC Artificial Reef Database and other public lists into GPS-compatible files. You’ll be hooked up in no time. The free downloads are below.

Want a chip shipped to you? We can do that too.

So enjoy a few fishing spots on us. There’s 3,648 in all. In fact, there are so many that if you load all of them, you may slow down your chart plotter or Google Earth. We’ve broken them into geographic areas to prevent this.

Tight lines,