3D Florida Canyons


Florida Canyons fishing map 3D with high definition images of the seafloor.

**Preview map is LOW RESOLUTION. See gallery below for HD sample images**

  • Description: Updated (8/2019) West Florida Canyons fishing map, now with even more features high definition 3D images coverage of the seafloor.
  • Location: Florida Canyons HD fishing chart coverage begins south of the Tortugas and extends to Cedar Key – more than 300 miles of canyons along the West Florida Shelf edge. Distance from shore: Tampa – 150 mi, Sarasota – 150 mi, Sanibel Island – 175 mi, Naples – 140 mi, Key West – 65 mi.
  • Fishing Map Size: 7,000 square miles of potential fishing spots.
  • Depths: 1,500 feet at the top of the canyons dropping to a max of 9,000 ft where the canyons bottom out into the Florida Plain.
  • Works on: Lowrance, Simrad, Raymarine, B&G, VesselView, iPhone, iPad, and Android tablet.
    (See: StrikeLines GPS Unit Compatibility Chart)
  • Resolution: Highest available.
  • Notes: With StrikeLines’ HD view of the ocean floor you’ll see exactly where those potential fishing spots are on the map. The 3D Florida Canyons fishing chart is great for fast boats and deep dropping. Includes brand new HD data from a 2018 survey. There is some seriously rugged bottom in this part of the gulf. With the Florida Canyons fishing map you can pinpoint where the rugged bottoms are, along with other structures, in real time on your GPS unit, mobile device, or computer. It’s like dropping a line into the Grand Canyon from a helicopter….Bring your electric reels.
  • Updated: 7/24/19 (Chart Card Version), 8/22/19 (Download Version). Significant resolution improvement, larger area of coverage, stripped out low resolution data, better performance on Lowrance/Simrad.