3D Florida East Deep Drop Reefs (Archived)


Florida East Coast fishing chart Deep Drop Reefs with high definition 3D images of the seafloor.

**Preview map is LOW RESOLUTION. See gallery below for HD sample images**

  • Description: High definition 3D images of the seafloor.
  • Coverage: East coast deep drop reefs from Miami, Fla. to Savannah, Ga.
  • Distance from shore to chart center: Miami, 18mi; West Palm, 20 mi; Palm Bay, 50 mi; Daytona Beach, 75 mi; Jacksonville, 100 mi; Savannah, 110 mi.
  • Depths: 700 ft – 2,600 ft
  • Works on: Lowrance, Simrad, B&G, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, and PC.
  • Notes: This chart has HD sonar coverage of more than 500 square miles of rugged corals and rocky bottom. The majority of the reefs are in 1,500 to 2,000 feet of water, putting them just within range of competent deep drop fishermen.
  • Data quality: Very little is known about the deep rock outcrops and ancient coral reefs in this region. There have only been a handful of scientific sonar surveys conducted here. This chart is a compilation of the best survey data available. We’ve combined about a dozen separate surveys to make this chart. Some are better than others, so data coverage and resolution vary depending on the area. See the preview photos for an idea.
  • This is not our best looking chart, but it might be our best fishing chart. Get ready to get your rod bent.