Second Version Chart Option


Interested in buying a second version of a chart you’ve purchased? We provide a second version option of your chart at a special, reduced price. For example: You are purchasing, or have purchased, a fishing chart for your Simrad, but you also want an Android downloadable version so you can trip plan on your tablet at home. Instead of having to pay the full price for the Android version of the same chart, it’s only $130! Select the 2nd downloadable version of your chart below and it’ll be made available in your account (usually within 24 hours, or up to 2 business days).

You can also get your second version the other way around. For example: If you purchased a downloadable version in the past and have recently installed a Simrad, you can purchase the second version of your same chart for $130, instead of the full retail price.

Restrictions: You cannot use this to buy the same version of the chart; meaning if you already have a Simrad version, you can’t use this to buy another Simrad version at a discounted price. You cannot use this to buy a second version of your chart and give the second version to someone else. This would violate your revocable license agreement with StrikeLines.  You cannot use this for commercial purchases. If you’ve got a charter fleet, contact us and we’ll work with you.


*Most StrikeLines 3D charts are not available in PC/Google Earth format, and some larger charts are not available for mobile download. Please check your chart’s product page or contact us before purchasing a second version if you’re unsure which file types are available.