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How It Works:

  • We use high-end side scan sonar equipment to find thousands of reefs, wrecks and quality fishing spots in the Gulf of Mexico.
  •  We mark every rock, coral patch, artificial reef and fish hole we see. We trace out ledges, pipelines and outcroppings, and create detailed fishing maps that load on all major GPS brands.
  • Charts are delivered as a digital download. You will need a blank memory card to copy the files to your machine.
  • We normally do not release the sonar imagery unless the chart specifically states the imagery is included.  If you’re interested in the imagery, contact us for information about a custom charter scan.

“I’ve got to hand it to you guys. I turned off my transducer and ran only a GPS to hit your StrikeLines Chart off of St. Pete. I limited out with one air tank on hogs and snapper. […] I was surprised how spot on these coordinates were. I dropped the anchor literally onto the the edge of a 2 foot ledge and hooked in immediately. I’m gonna get fat not having to swim an extra quarter mile trying to find the spot. Well done.”  – Peter LaNore, founder of Tampa Bay Spearfishing.