Will your charts run on my Garmin?

Waypoint Charts: Yes, our waypoint charts will run just fine on your Garmin. All the waypoints will load and function just like your other waypoints. The only thing that won’t load are the lines we use to trace out ledges and circle hard bottom areas.

3D Charts: In 2018 Garmin removed functionality from your chartplotter through an update without telling you so you can no longer run third party charts. This means that you can’t run our 3D charts on your Garmin but you can run them on your phone or tablet, even offshore without cell reception. As long as your phone or tablet has a built in GPS – most do – the device will overlay your real time position on our chart. You can create waypoints, pull coordinates for use in your Garmin, and more all from the tablet from the boat or from your couch.

4K Charts: Due to the above referenced 2018 update, 4K charts are not compatible with Garmin units. We are not able to offer mobile versions at this time due to the large ultra high resolution file sizes. 

If you’re looking to upgrade, check out our Hardware page. We have many Lowrance and Simrad units available.